Looking for EVS Candidates to Spain from UK

EVS Opportunity in Spain

We have recently partnered with a Spanish EVS Accredited company called Association Saint Tomas who are a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life for those with intellectual disabilities. This EVS opportunity is for 16 candidates to go to Spain from the UK from September 2017 to June 2018. You will be working at one of the many centres that their association has, helping those with mental disabilities.

What sort of tasks will be involved?

European Voluntary Service provides young volunteers with a unique opportunity to live in a foreign country and collaborate with a fair cause, a personal and professional growth experience free of charge. In this case, Association Sant Tomàs (AST) will provide volunteers with quality training in mentally disabled people field, combining procedures they’ve been improving for 50 years with innovative methods.

The volunteer will give support to AST professionals in their daily tasks because we know that an active role is the best way to acquire knowledge and real professional experience. In other words, volunteers won’t be just observers, they will help (not replace) the workers in their daily labors. Volunteers will always be under the guidance and responsibility of AST workers. Furthermore, volunteers will be allowed to integrate their own ideas and experience. AST are completely open to new working practices and any improvements that volunteers can think of!

Association Sant Tomàs, together with Language Academy Wales (LAW) and the National Agency, will provide the volunteer with all the necessary information and resources to ensure a quality intercultural and non-formal learning experience, including:

  • An Info Kit containing information intended for the volunteer before traveling
  • EVS Training and Evaluation Cycle during the course
  • an online Spanish course provided by Online Linguistic Support before and during the time abroad
  • training in crisis prevention and management, health insurance and support with all the administrative procedures (visa, residence permits, travel arrangements…)

Everything is FREE OF CHARGE for the volunteer.

The volunteer will have an assigned mentor who will guarantee a good integration with AST, the project and their community. The mentor will help and guide volunteers to guarantee their safety and happiness. At the end of the activity period the volunteers will receive a Youthpass, an official European certificate recognising their professional skills and acquired competences.

It’s important for us to note that this is not a paid for holiday by the EU. We are looking for truly committed individuals who want to help themselves get experience in the field of mental disability. AST will be investing a large amount of time and energy into this project so it’s important that you are ready and willing to work hard to get the best possible experience.

If you are interested in this EVS opportunity or you would like some more information please get in touch by emailing Admin@LanguageAcademyWales.co.uk