International Languages

Flag_of_Europe.svgWe all have to start somewhere and learning a new language is daunting for most of us. Our Language programmes help learners to start their journey by developing essential language basics required by all language speakers. Our programmes focus on communication skills through practical oriented learning. We develop speaking and listening skills for learners looking to speak another language and develop writing and reading skills for advanced learners. We offer a wide range of Languages to choose from on a wide range of Levels. Our Languages include – French, German, Italian, Spanish, English and Mandarin.


International Languages for beginners  is a course deFlag of Chinasigned for absolute beginners or people with little or no knowledge of their chosen language. We will teach you the basics of the language from – grammar to vocabulary, in a concise and entertaining format. All languages are taught by native speaking language teachers based in Cardiff.
This course is structured to give you an insight of the your intended language so that you are able to communicate at a basic level of understanding.
We will offer an attendance certificate on completion of the training programme. We also offer tutorial and mentorship services to suit the needs of then students and to develop their employability across the continent. We are totally customer focused and all of our services are highly monitored for quality and all our learners are actively encouraged to feedback their experiences for better training.


You may already speak a foreign language, but are you fluent? Do you struggle
Our Advanced international Language course is designed maximise your language potential. The Advanced language course will strengthen your Vocabulary and language structures. This will equip you with effective communication skills allowing you to communicate effectively with knowledge.
Why learn a new language?
The current job market is extremely competitive, language skills are on high demand and knowing more than one language opens a wide range of opportunities.

Bespoke Tuition900px-Flag_of_Japan.svg_

In addition to our beginners and Advanced packages we can also deliver bespoke tuition for learners who need to develop language skills quickly.  These can be focused at finalising your language skills or developing language skills quickly to enable travel to other countries. Our Bespoke tuition is delivered intensively and on a one-to-one basis to ensure that learners develop the skills they need quickly and to the highest quality.  These tuition packages can include travel to foreign countries or internships to develop functional language skills.

For more information call us on 02921 156 603 or 0800 567 7228 or contact us using the contact us page.