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Language Academy Wales is an academy offering;  volunteering and internship opportunities, and youth employability skills in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. Our internship, volunteering and professional development training programmes are specially designed for local, European and overseas students. We are also promoting various fund raising projects and activities in our Cardiff office to support various humanity projects partnering with NGOs.

We are a training academy (i.e. a registered Not for Profit company), supported by part-time staff and local volunteers. We are an approved European Solidarity Corp (ESC)/European Voluntary Services (EVS) accredited centre, working on Erasmus+ KA1, EVS, KA2, VET, Lottery Community Fund and other fundraising projects.

(Language Academy Wales PIC No: 925 942601)

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Language Academy Wales motto: “Learn, Explore and Travel with LAW”  

“Learn – practical English language and employability skills for the rest of your life”
“Explore – exciting and new places, learn new culture and food”
“Travel – across the world on work placements in the UK or other European countries”
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Language Academy Wales (LAW) is a non-profit organisation by guarantee formed on the 30th April 2015. LAW is an Voluntary Academy and language school based in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. Our activities consist of promoting collaboration with international schools, colleges and private training providers. Our English language school focuses on developing languages, personal development and the international mobility through European collaborations and working on Erasmus+ projects. Our English language school has the following aims and objectives:

Our Goal:

To promote mobility exchanges, training and internship programmes working in collaboration with foreign schools. We are focusing on helping the social inclusion youth group via exchange programmes promoting the understanding of different cultures and raising awareness in the equality and diversity agendas. To help various worthwhile fundraising causes.

Our Mission:

To provide affordable, effective and accessible English language training courses to individuals of all ages throughout Europe enabling them to develop themselves and their potential. Language Academy Wales target group are people with fewer opportunities in Europe and people seeking to find employment in the UK. To raise awareness of our aims and objectives.

Our Objectives:

  1. To promote and engage young people in formal and non-formal education and career developing by offering professional English language training courses.
  2. To encourage the mobility of people internationally with English language and bespoke personal development training courses.
  3. To increase participation in mobility programmes internationally for increasing employability skills.
  4. To lessen the effects of formal and non-formal educational disadvantage on those worst affected.
  5. To assist young peoples’ participation in the community through volunteering, internship, job shadowing and exchange program.
  6. To offer equal opportunity to Erasmus+ mobility to disadvantaged people.
  7. Provide and find internship for IT, Office Administrative, Leisure Industries and in the Engineering sectors.
  8. Support and promote various fundraising projects, campaigns, activities and initiatives to help others.

Turkish Volunteers 2019, 2020 and 2021

Check out our page on the Turkish volunteers we have taken in 2019, 2020 and the latest group in 2021.

KENS Education Group Summer 2018 Exchange Programme

Spanish Kens Group

Careers Advice Video for 16+

LAW EVS accreditation (PIC No: 925 942601): Link to Erasmus+ web-site (click hyperlink below)

 Key Action 1 (KA1)

Mobility of Individuals

Provides opportunities for individuals to improve English language skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness.

Mobility projects: workshop study, work placement, job shadowing, and exchange programmes.

 Key Action 2 (KA2)

Cooperation for Innovation and Good Practices.

Opportunity for organisations to improve their provision for learners and share innovative practices.

 Key Action 3 (KA3)

Support for Policy Reform

Covers any type of activity aimed at supporting and facilitating the modernisation of education and training systems



 LAW Erasmus+ KA1 Project: C.A.R.E. project 2017/2019

Sending partners with: CESIE (Italy),  Action Catholica Patria (Lithuania), ADVIT (Moldova)

CARE erasmus+ KA1 project Cardiff

EVS Opportunity in Poland (1st March 2018): 3 months

Receiving partner: Europejskie Forum Młodzieży (Poland)