Our Partners

How we Work

We collaborate with international partners throughout the world and in the UK. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality of learning in various programmes and exchanges. You can find some of our partners below.

Our Partners

Our Partners are organisations throughout the world that need language training for their learners. We work with individuals and organisations that want and need practical, hands on language training. These include Government and private organisations across Europe and Asia.


LAW and GrassRoots have recently started to work in collaboration. Both organisations support young peoples personal development through workshops and training and provide them with a place where they can meet and interact. GrassRoots and LAW are also developing mobility projects for young people with fewer opportunities, as well as for youth workers and trainers.


Instep are a vocational training provider across France. They focus on delivering practical training in a variety of vocational subjects. Many of Instep’s learners are from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and have had fewer opportunities than many of those in France.


ADICE are a Mature student placement organisation from France. They specialise in offering Mid-long term placements for learners in a variety of sectors including; HR, Administration, Catering, Training/Teaching and IT.

Work Space Europe

WorkSpace Europe is a Slovakian non-profit training organisation. They specialise in preparing students and graduates to enter the European labour market by providing EU supported international work placements, wselogointernships and specialized training courses.

WorkSpace were established in Europe in 2011 as a programme of GetOn training agency. GetOn have more then 7 years of professional experience in organizing international work placements and internships for foreign students and interns in Slovakia as well as for Slovakian trainees abroad within the EU supporting programmes.


IRIS, created in 2006 has the objectives of enriching the culture value and capital of the people of Italy/. They achieve this through the dissemination of professional knowledge and encouraging citizens of Europe and the world to go on mobilities designed to enhance their potential and build skills that will help them through life.

Tenovus Cancer Care

Tenovus Cancer Care are a charity that wants to help prevent, treat and find a cure for cancer. They do this by offering support, advice and treatment to cancer patients and their loved ones. Tenovus also promote Tenovus-Cancer-Care-Logo_400x225healthy lifestyles and fund cancer research to find new ways to prevent it, diagnose it, and treat it.

We work with Tenovus in multiple ways and on different projects such as fundraising and sending volunteers. We encourage young people to volunteer with Tenovus to support a good cause while gaining new skills and abilities.

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