Fundraising for COVID in Malaysia

Fundraising for COVID in Malaysia
UK Independent Fund Raising Organisation working in collaboration with ‘Easy Fund Raising’

Fundraising for COVID in Malaysia

We at Language Academy Wales believe in helping people. Seeing the horrible scenes during this COVID pandemic in Malaysia we believe that raising money to buy food is a necessity. We have therefore partnered with a few organisation in Malaysia to provide foods to the Food Bank. Our partnership with ‘Easy Fund Raising’ which you can purchase online products from over 5,800 retail companies in the UK shopping websites when you register with us. Please use the link below. This websites link will then provide a donation of between 5%-10% donation of your total purchase for our fund raising event. This would not add any cost to you. Please help us in our fundraising for the Food Bank in Malaysia as a result of COVID-19 hardship in Malaysia.

You can donate directly here ->

Take a look at the +4700 retailers and take advantage of Easy fundraising’s January sales and exclusive offers here ->

Below are just some of the +4700 participating retailers offering contributions of your purchases towards our cause, have a browse and see how you can help.

All you need to do is follow the link, click to support this cause, and then start shopping! This is an easy way for you to donate to a good cause, without having to use your own money. This website has partnered with many large organisations such as Amazon, Ebay, M&S, John Lewis, and more to support this charities/donation.

Please help these starving people in Malaysia and to help them in this difficult times through COVID-19. Thank you.

Find out about forthcoming events in Wales -> HERE

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Find out what the donations have given people so far -> HERE

Our partners are, Fundraising for COVID in Malaysia:

  1. Penang Community Charity – For evidence of mandate letter please click THIS LINK
  2. Kechara Soup Kitchen- For evidence of mandate letter please click THIS LINK
  3. HELP University – For evidence of mandate letter please click THIS LINK
  4. E-Youth – For evidence of mandate letter please click THIS LINK – For info on E-Youth click THIS LINK
  5. MakanKongsi2.0 – For evidence of mandate letter please click THIS LINK

Check out our Social Media to follow progress: TWITTER FACEBOOK

Please feel free to contact us

Thank you to all those who have donated to this cause so far. You can see the list of donators below:

#Name of DonatorCountry of Origin / Domicile
1Pau LinMalaysia / Singapore
2Jacqueline ToongMalaysia / Wales
4Mike TanMalaysia / Wales
5TitiBurma / Wales
6Sarah ChauHong Kong / Wales
7Junus and SaniIndonesia / Wales
8GakiKenya / Wales
9Lucy TanMalaysia / Wales
10Jenna YeapMalaysia / Wales
11AmajitMalaysia / Wales
14Rachel and Wah ChaiChina / Wales
15Sue LeongMalaysia / Wales
16Doreen YeapMalaysia / Wales
17KutieSouth Africa / Wales
18PatrickLebanon / Wales
19Kin SaiHong Kong / Wales
20Kin Sai FriendHong Kong / Wales
22Aggie HorneMalaysia / Wales
24Michael CWales
25Mike AWales
26Charlotte PWales
27Joshua IWales
28Zehra DWales
29Mary DWales
30Katyrnia EWales
31Patricia PWales
32Lisa HWales
33Kevin HWales
34Steve CourtWales
35Anonymous x3Wales
36Steve JonesWales
37Paul O’BrienWales
38Akbar AliWales
39Steve CourtWales
40Dr Avid Wales
41Steve YapWales

Total donations received to date: £2,000.00

Dated 16/08/2021

You can donate directly here ->