What we do

What We do – Welcome to Language Academy Wales (LAW), is training academy as well as a volunteering and internship provider. Our organisation is based on people, communities and in particular the local community. We as an organisation believe in helping those who need it, and in our local community.

What we do

LAW believe in the individuals ability to make change. We develop individuals to increase their abilities so that when they leave us they can find a job anywhere. Our specific abilities mean that we can provide the highest quality internships to mould students, young people, old people into professional workers who can adapt to any working style and location.

The main objective of our organisation is to fast-track individuals into the best version of themselves. LAW has many years of experience in receiving volunteers and interns, in particular from NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) categories, and turning them into professional individuals ready to face the working world! We have organisations who we partner with to provide high quality development of individuals, along with the work experience needed for any role or sector.


We believe in cultural integration as a tool for bettering an individual.

We believe that internships provide the highest quality development for everyone.

We believe that immersion within an organisation provides fast track development.

We value the uniqueness and viewpoint of our interns/volunteers.

Our Internship Opportunities

We provide opportunities for interns within various funding routes such as Erasmus, local government funding and more. We ensure we have a wide range of interns so that interactions can provide good working knowledge for all of the interns working with each other.

Our internship opportunities are unique and one of a kind. We provide the opportunity for individuals to work in a professional business environment with other members of staff, interns and the owner of the organisation. We also provide high quality coaching focussing on the individuals weak points to make the most well rounded version of them possible.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee all of our learners that they will develop as people as well as workers. They will look at work in a new light after having done an internship with us. The biggest takeaway point will be professionalism, all of our interns leave our office with a new found insight into professionalism, why it’s important and to always maintain it. Without professionalism you will always come into problems at your workplace.

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