Kickstart Programme – Employability Programme

Kickstart Programme

Kickstart Programme

We are happy to have been able to take 2 individuals on a Kickstart programme scheme. We have taken 1 office administrative assistant and 1 office research assistant. This scheme is a great programme to helping young people to gain practical skills as well as employability related skills.

This Kickstart programme has been created specifically for the long term unemployed to help them to find work, to gain confidence, assertiveness and belief in their own abilities. Along with the skills picked up from on the job working, they also receive a monetary value allocated to helping them gain skills thought training. We have provided training for our Kickstart employees in a variety of courses including CV writing, interviews skills, assertiveness and more.

We believe this Kickstart scheme is a huge benefit for Wales and it’s young people. We have seen first hand the development of 2 individuals through this programme and how it can help our local communities. By ensuring our young people can find and attain valued work, we can improve our communities.

What is the Kickstart Scheme?

The Kickstart programme is built for individuals who are long term unemployed to find work placements that are 6 months in length. It has been created to help long term unemployed to build up skills and confidence in themselves to go on to have a successful career.

Our 2 Kickstart individuals have thoroughly enjoyed their time working at our office, being able to associated with people outside their usual friends groups. They have built up their confidence, become much more assertive and picked up vital and key skills, as well as excellent soft skills to ensure their future is bright. We believe that with the correct guidance and patience, the Kickstart scheme can be an excellent way forward for many young people in our local communities.

You can see our 2 happy workers below!

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