Project Steering Group

Project Steering Group

Check out the finalised website here ->

The project steering group has so far only met once. It has been decided that the next meeting for the steering group will take place once a template design for the website has been created. This should be a skeleton, basic website which can be commented on.

The next meeting will be scheduled for October 2021.

Raising Awareness of C-19 for Young People in Wales

Third Zoom Meeting – 27th of October 2021 (19:00-19:45)

Minutes of Meeting

People in attendance:

  • Harri Shuffley (Administrator – LAW)
  • Lyndsey Evans (Chairperson – Local Community Group)
  • Lloyd Tan (Local Community volunteer)
  • Mike Tan (Director – LAW)
  • Jenna Yeap (Local volunteer)
  • Robert Lock (Local volunteer)
  • Paul Bowyer (Local volunteer)
  • Roy Edwards (Local volunteer)

General comments & discussions:

  • Final meeting on the website, to be discussed
  • Discussed the need for a possible Welsh translation, perhaps using a Google Translate plugin
  • Some minor amendments for grammar/spelling
  • Website feels easy to navigate on both phone and desktop computer
  • Colours are good, fit well with the theme and the funding
  • No other comments