Current Project

Current Project

Current Project

Here you can find out our current project and past projects that we have been funded for. This includes projects which are South Wales, Wales, UK and Europe based. As an organisation we provide high quality projects to help our communities. See below for some of the ways we are helping our local community!

Covid Awareness Wales – Funded by National Lottery Community Fund

This project has now come to an end, you can see the website created here ->

Our Covid Awareness Wales project was created during the height of the pandemic to show the importance of keeping safe during Covid. This included how to stay safe such as ensuring you wash your hands, wear a face mask etc. It also included ensuring that our community knew about possible misinformation and how that could end up spreading more covid.

This project was a success, showing many individuals coming to the website and increasing their knowledge of COVID and how to stop the spread.

This project was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund for Wales.

Kickstarter – 2 Candidates Employed through Kickstarter Scheme

We have taken on 2 individuals through the Kickstarter employment scheme. This is a scheme by the government to provide funding to take on an individual for 26 weeks. We have taken on one individual as an Office Administrator, with the other as a Office Researcher.

We have been providing our Kickstarter employees with training to ensure that when they finish with us they are fully qualified and experienced to find another job as soon as possible. Our Kickstarter employees have gained a lot of confidence while working with us, being able to see their own potential in finding secure employment.

Eskişehir Osmangazi University – Erasmus KA1 Project

We currently have a project which is with a Turkish organisation for them to provide us a volunteer through the Erasmus EU funding KA1. This Turkish volunteer is currently with our organisation. She is here to improve her English, and find out about the working culture within the UK, as well as how working professionally can benefit her. We are providing her with training opportunities as well to ensure that when she finishes with us she is fully qualified and experienced!

Our volunteer is happy to be able to learn about the UK, and Wales in particular. She has improved her English since joining us as well as learned about a variety of useful software such as Canva.

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