Become a Local Volunteers

We are a non-profit organisation and as such we offer local volunteering opportunities within our organisation and with specific leads in Cardiff. These leads include the individuals below. Each lead will assign you tasks depending on the nature of their lead and your abilities.

  • Time Management Volunteer Lead: Roy Edwards (Local volunteer and coach)
  • Communication Volunteer Lead: Melanie Disley (Coach and tutor)
  • Empathy Volunteer Lead: Elisabeta Dominte (Local volunteer)
  • Teamwork Volunteer Lead: Gabriele Law (Local volunteer and English Tutor)
  • Leadership Volunteer Lead: Glen Paterson (Local volunteer, coach and tutor)
    • Pen CV: Having worked with LAW since its inauguration, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching our team and delegates grow and succeed in areas they thought they would not get too. I am really proud to be a part of this client focused organisation.
  • Interpersonal Skills Volunteer Lead: Adam Colman (Coach and tutor)
  • Project Management Volunteer Lead: Mike Tan (Director, coach and tutor)
  • Videography and Photography Lead: Chai Lee Tan (Local volunteer, coach)

Anyone who is interested in improving their professional skills, we have opportunities for you to work with our Local Lead in all of the above specialist areas. If you’re interested please phone us on 029 21 156 603 or email