Donations Supporting Various Organisations in Malaysia

Find out here the donations of food that have been given so far! To give an example of how far your money goes:

  • One meal set for lunch distribution is RM5.50. Per day we are distributing to 100 homeless
  • £200/RM1,100 / RM5.50 per meal set = 200 homeless benefited

Here are some of the individuals helped by Penang Community Care:

We and our Malaysian NGO partners are working hard to ensure that the money donated is used for a good cause and that those who need the food the most get it.

Here is a picture of what’s been bought with some of the donations given from E-Youth! Thank you E-Youth for the local volunteering work in Labuan. It is great to work with this great NGO.


The organisations we are working with have now distributed to the first 2 disabled families and will be distributing more over the coming weeks and months.

The distribution also contains families with disabilities and single parent households. So far the distribution of food for those who need it is going very well.

These are some pictures from the Kechara Soup Kitchen / Food Bank. You can find people queuing for the food bank food that has been bought. You can also see individuals being checked for temperatures to ensure that there isn’t a large COVID spread at the food bank.

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