International Student Support

Many learners travelling to the UK to face a great deal of uncertainty. Some UK universities offer additional support for those travelling to the UK to undertake a Degree or conversion course, but for many individuals who wish to come to the UK to work or develop English speaking skills this is not a possibility.

To combat this form of exclusion faced by many of our international learners we offer ‘International Student Support’. Learners coming from anywhere in the world can access this support programme that will assist learners to integrate into the UK with Language training, Cultural trips, Intermediary Accommodation while long terms accommodation is arranged, and in some cases work placements and experience in the UK.

Our Services to International StudentsExhcnge Logo, International student

All of our learners receive support, advice and guidance throughout the process of applying to a school or college and through to completing their final exam. Most learners do not require any help with undertaking their education, but some face unforeseen circumstances that could hinder their ability to perform during exams, or prevent them from completing their school/college year. Some students can find education in a foreign country isolating, lonely or intimidating. We offer support to learners from all backgrounds so they can focus on attaining the best grades possible.

Some of the problems faced by International Students

Isolation; This is one of the most serious problems faced by international students. In some cases it can be the only barrier to completing a level of study. Many international students come to the UK without knowing anyone. For those attending an undergraduate degree, student accommodation can be an excellent combatant to isolation as you are put into a small community of people experiencing the same as you, but not all people take to the ‘halls’ lifestyle. Particularly mature students can feel that they are isolated, living with significantly younger people and away from fellow nationals or people who can speak their language.

What we do to prevent this: Our learners are part of a social network that not only opens doors to the social world, but enables learners to network and integrate in the UK. We encourage the meeting of people through our social and enjoyable cultural visits. Our network of Language students help one another to find a home in the UK complete with friends, co-workers, and professionals.

The Language Barrier; Not to be underestimated; the language barrier is one of the biggest struggles foreign students face. Some are lucky enough to have visited the UK previously and be familiar with the different dialects and accents, however the vast majority of people are not so lucky. Britain has one of the highest densities of English speaking dialects (if not the highest) of anywhere in the world. Some are difficult to understand even to British Nationals, so how are foreign students with limited English comprehension to understand?

What we do to prevent this: We encourage learners to attend language training prior to any college or university. Receiving language training helps foreigners to integrate, commutate, and resolve some of the many problems they could face.Instep 2012, international student

Finances: With the cost of attending University in the UK dramatically rising for UK nationals, so are they for Foreign students. Many foreign students are required to find part-time work as a way of making ends meet, meeting new people and adjusting to the UK lifestyle. But understanding the UK work mentality can seem nearly impossible for so many foreign students.

What we do to prevent this: We assist learners in developing skills that will make them an exceptional additional to a team in many organisations. Depending on the area of work you are looking for, you will receive training that is aimed at helping you to perform well in interview, develop functional skills that will help you achieve in work.

Finding the right college or University or College: Some international students find that after they have paid their fees and travelled to the UK they find that their college is not what it appears to be. Websites can be deceiving, especially as anyone with knowledge of creating websites can create a professional looking website. Many learners are tricked into attending a college that is little more than a home school.

What we do to prevent this: The schools and providers that we work with are all vetted for academic quality to ensure that you get the best possible education in the UK. We only work with schools and colleges that meet our criteria for acceptable; namely, quality, performance, reputation and satisfaction of learners.