Project Local Community Group

Project Local Community Group

Project Local Community Group

Lottery Community Fund Project.

Raising Awareness of C-19 for Young People in Wales

First Zoom Meeting – 10th April 2021 (12:00-13:00) PM

Minutes of Meeting

People in attendance:

  • Mike Tan (Director – LAW)
  • Harri Shuffley (Administrator – LAW)
  • Lyndsey Evans (Chairperson – Local Community Group)
  • Irem Urgen (Intern/Assistant Chairperson – LAW)
  • Jakub Smolinski (Intern – LAW)
  • Elisabeta Dominte (Local Community volunteer)
  • Jenna Yeap (Local Community volunteer)
  • Alex Beck (Local Community volunteer)
  • Jodie Blackett (Local Community volunteer)
  • Dayla Blackett (Local Community volunteer)

Meeting Agenda

By: Discussions
Mike Tan Welcome, introduction & explanation about the project, its aims and objectives.The project duration (6-9) months, and target audiences (young people in SEW).Exploring ideas of the contents of the project website and the type of social media tools to reach out to young people.  Carry out research about C-19 in general, its impact on young people in South Wales, and good practices until the next meeting.Creating Google Group for everybody who works on the project and uploading every relevant information to share.
Lyndsey Evans Design a questionnaire for youngsters, questions (i.e. less than 10). Contacting high school students to participate in this project.
Jenna Yeap   Collecting and recording the data & statistics (i.e. like how many people went to the website, how many clicks we got on social media).
Irem Urgen Adding quiz section to the new website. Putting fake news about C-19 and insert in quiz to raise awareness of COVID-19 people learn what the facts.

General comments & discussions:

  • Participants will carry out research about the topic of the project for the meeting next month.
  • Check the practicality of using social media channels, TikTok, Instagram and others.
  • Questionnaires for young people about C-19 for the the next meeting.

Date of the next meeting will be the 19th of May 2021 at 19:00PM UK Time.