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Here you can find our previous exchanges. Below you can see the Italian William Theatre Project as well as the Slovakia Youth Exchange.

The Italian Project is in the link below:

William Shakespeare – Italy Project

You can see the Slovakian project below:

Youth Exchange – Slovakia Project

 Key Action 1 (KA1)

Mobility of Individuals

Provides opportunities for individuals to improve English language skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness.

Mobility projects: workshop study, work placement, job shadowing, and exchange programmes.

 Key Action 2 (KA2)

Cooperation for Innovation and Good Practices.

Opportunity for organisations to improve their provision for learners and share innovative practices.

 Key Action 3 (KA3)

Support for Policy Reform

Covers any type of activity aimed at supporting and facilitating the modernisation of education and training systems

 LAW Erasmus+ KA1 Project: C.A.R.E. project 2017/2019

Sending partners with: CESIE (Italy),  Action Catholica Patria (Lithuania), ADVIT (Moldova)

CARE erasmus+ KA1 project Cardiff

EVS Opportunity in Poland (1st March 2018): 3 months

Receiving partner: Europejskie Forum Młodzieży (Poland)  

Testimony of Past Candidate

We are delighted to share with you the testimony of one of our participant who took part in our Slovakia Programme!

Giorgio Baglioni: “This was a fantastic experience for me and I definitely recommend it. Not only is it a free way of seeing Slovakia, but the skills you learn and the people you meet are great. As there is such a range of countries attending, you can really build connections and learn about so many cultures at once. Each country had to give a presentation to the group about their country, and this was a nice way of understanding their background and seeing glimpses of their country.”

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We are delighted to share with you the testimony of one of our participants who took part in a Youth Exchange programme in Italy.

Jola Brown: “This experience was not only an amazing opportunity to visit Italy but also to meet new people and make new friends. I have been able to develop my theatre skills and have definitely improved my confidence as a person, not only through communication but also through my piano playing and singing. This experience will be highly valuable to me in the future as it adds to my mobility experience which will be very useful for my future aspirations to work abroad. Additionally, I wish to join a theatre club at my new university in September 2016. I believe that this experience will really benefit me in the long-run. I had such a lovely time and I would love to go again. I highly recommend this project to anyone who’s up for an adventure.”

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Community Activities and Rewarding Experiences (CARE)

CARE Community Activities and Rewarding Experiences

Project Description

Our CARE project promotes our belief and aspiration in helping the high rate of unemployment amongst youth in Europe and in UK. The project encourages European diversity and provides local youth with the opportunity to meet European youths to share their common values.

Project objectives:

  1. To reach out marginalised youth and prevent social exclusion amongst young people with fewer opportunities (YPWFO).
  1. To help the volunteers to gain new skills to become more employable.
  2. To give youth an alternative to combat long term inactivity.
  3. To promote diversity, equality and cultural awareness.
  4. To increase youth participation in community projects.
  5. To strengthen youth links with labour market removing barriers in employment for YPWFO.
  6. To raise awareness of Erasmus+ projects amongst local youth (especially NEET) through real life example.

The project also promote the following: 

  1. Promote cohesive and inclusive society in the context of the European socioeconomic changes.
  2. Promote equity and inclusion of people with disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities compared with their peers.
  3. Improve the level of key competencies and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities, as well as to promote participation in democratic life in Europe and the labour market, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity, in particular through strengthened links between the youth field and the labour market
  4. Develop social, civic and intercultural competences
  5. Enhance the access, participation and performance of disadvantaged learners
  6. Promoting diversity
  7. Reaching out marginalised young people

The participants’ will be assessed by LAW, with the support of the sending organisations.


Local community needs: Although mobility benefits have been proven, local young under NEETs group, do not consider to have an experienced abroad even they are financially supported. According to discussions with local stakeholders (third sector organisations, educators and others), this is due to the lack of information, awareness of mobility benefits, and lack of motivation of youth. These experiences will connect young people with EVS volunteers. It will raise awareness about Erasmus+ programmes and will benefits all participants.



1st July 2019 – Arrival of Slovenian EVS/ESC candidates in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Arrival of three Slovenian EVS/ESC students starting their internship with Language Academy Wales (LAW). The are Gabi, Anna and Alisa. This EVS/ESC programme is for a duration of 1 month. The candidates will receive special coaching, mentoring and training opportunity for the duration of their internship with LAW.  They will carryout office duties, research, and administrative experience under supervision of team leaders and managers. The skills they will benefit will varies from; communication, planning, problem solving, relation and leadership, creativity, managing feelings, confidence and other personal development skills for youth.

Sending organisation: Manipura, zavod za svetovanje in kreativno delo z mladimi in družinami. Mlaka 2a, 4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenija.

Receiving organisation: Language Academy Wales, 5-7 Museum Place, Cardiff. CF10 3BD

Gabi, Anna, Alisa

Other opportunities for people from the United Kingdom, please see below:

You can find the opportunities we currently have for youth exchanges and volunteering below.

European Voluntary Service (EVS)/ European Solidarity – Volunteering Opportunities in Europe

If you want to benefit of a mobility project, don’t hesitate to contact us on: admin@languageacademywales.co.uk

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