European or Local Internships

European or Local Internships

Please see our summary of experience working with European youth in the link below

Presentation of Language Academy Wales Activities

European or Local Internships – Our Not For Profit Objectives

  • To promote European or Local internships and engage young people in education with a variety of inspirational and career developing training programmes.
  • Encourage the mobility of people internationally.
  • Encourage local volunteering for youths and youth workers
  • Working with the local community on various projects.
  • Increase the number of people who participate in exchange programmes.
  • To lessen the effects of educational disadvantage.

Language Academy Wales (LAW) is a not for profit organisation. We invest in our learners because they are the future. We want to ensure that the next generation of Europe is mobile, intelligent, and skilled. LAW is a collective of specialist trainers with a passion for encouraging the development of individuals competence in young learners.

Our Goal:

To promote mobility exchanges, bespoke training and internship programmes, working in collaboration with others. We are focusing on helping the social inclusion youth group via exchange programmes promoting the understanding of different cultures and raising awareness in the equality and diversity agendas.

Our Mission:

European or Local Internships

To provide affordable, effective and accessible for training, coaching, internship and volunteering opportunities to individuals of all ages. Enabling them to develop themselves and their potential. Our target group are people with fewer opportunities and people seeking to find employment.

LAW promotes personal development among people with fewer opportunities, young people and adults, encouraging them to invest in their future and career.

We strongly believe that the creation of opportunities for people is essential for the economic growth and stability regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Our Objectives:

  1. To promote and engage young people in formal and non-formal education and career developing by offering professional internships and volunteering opportunities.
  2. To encourage the mobility of people internationally with bespoke personal development training courses.
  3. To increase participation in mobility programmes internationally for increasing employability skills.
  4. To lessen the effects of formal and non-formal educational disadvantage on those worst affected.
  5. To assist young peoples’ participation in the community through volunteering, internship, job shadowing and exchange program.
  6. To offer equal opportunity to Erasmus+ mobility to disadvantaged people.
  7. Provide and find internship for IT, Office Administrative, Leisure Industries and in the Engineering sectors.
  8. Offer the complete package, i.e. airport transfers, local guided tours, English language fast-track training programmes and host families services.

LAW was founded on passion, creativity, and the desire to make a difference.

Founded and supported by CCW – Training Academy, an expert in training provision for Adult learner’s transformation through difficult times to new and exciting environments and careers.

An innovative Internship and Volunteering organisation based in the heart of Cardiff. We provide specialised internship and volunteering opportunities .We have delivered multiple programmes funded by the ESF and through national funding organisations for learners of varying levels and backgrounds.

We have delivered exchanges to French Vocational schools looking to develop work experience, Graduates hoping to develop English language skills and adult learners looking to change career to a more suitable vocation.

All of our tutors and staff working in direct contact with youth are required to undertake a DBS checks to ensure the safety of all of our learners and to conform to Safe Guarding.

We provide the complete package from ‘door to door’ service to accommodate our overseas clients. Our service offering includes: pre-registration support and advice; welcome and transport from airport to host family; induction, cultural, leisure activities and guardianship support.

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