Fundraising for COVID in Malaysia

Fundraising for COVID

Fundraising for COVID in Malaysia – This is the News post

We at Language Academy Wales believe in helping people. Seeing the horrible scenes during this COVID pandemic in Malaysia we believe that raising money to buy food is a necessity. We have therefore partnered with an organisation in which you can buy products at all your favourite online shopping websites. The websites will then provide a donation of 5-10% to us. This would not add any cost to you. Please help us in our fundraising for COVID in Malaysia.

To do this, follow the link below:

All you need to do is follow the link, click to support this cause, and then start shopping! This is an easy way for you to donate to a good cause, without having to use your own money. This website has partnered with many large organisations such as Amazon, Ebay and more to support charities during this time.

Please help these individuals to see their way through COVID. Thank you.

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