Seasonal School

Young people in seasonal seasonal school

Our Seasonal Schools are designed for learners who want to develop English language intensively. For the duration of your stay you will eat, breath and sleep English. This immersion programme with ensure that you can converse with native speakers and understand accent, colloquialisms and slang. you will get the opportunity to experience British life in the home of a British family celebrating the same cultural holidays and experiencing the daily life of someone who lives in the UK.

Course format

Young people in seasonal seasonal schoolLearners will embark on a 2-3 month exchange that will cover all aspects of speaking English as a foreign language. Learners will undertake Taught lessons 5 days a week and are encouraged to engage in cultural activities on the weekends. These include visiting local museums, heritage sites, sporting events, and cultural holidays (varying depending on the season). The exchange can also include visits to locations in England’s cultural centres (London, Bath, Bristol, Brighton, and many other locations).

Who should attend

Young people in seasonal seasonal schoolThe course is intended for learners with al levels of English Language. There is no minimum requirement for the course but for learners to benefit the most learners are expect to have some English speaking and comprehension skills. We recommend that learners with no English speaking and comprehension skills to undertake an introductory course prior to attending the Language school.

Course Objective

Upon completion of the course learners can expect to be able to;

  • Understand spoken English from native speakers
  • Understand Slang and colloquialism
  • Develop an understanding of accents in Wales and the UK
  • Develop vocabulary for speaking and writing in English
  • ask questions and understand the responses that people give

Course format

Learners can undertake accredited assessments at the end of the exchange but these are not a requirement for the school. Learners can also develop particular skills within the English language include writing and comprehension and vocabulary.