Professional English Language Program

An effective communication skill program for professionals’ seeking work in the UK

Duration: 16 hours (4 hours per session) over one week or one month.

Cost: £150 per candidate – minimum of 4 students per class

Being a professional who uses English in the work place, you will be aware of how important the following issues are:

Clarity-: to be clearly understood and not misunderstood because of your accent, especially on the telephone or in client/professional dynamic situations”

Fluency – excellent command of the spoken word, knowledge of the appropriate terminology for the work place, acronyms and idiomatic English, excellent paraphrasing techniques, (saying things another way), collocations, (correct word order), good command of grammar, correct register,(appropriate tone and language)”

Comprehension – an excellent understanding of the spoken word is needed, plus familiarity with the standard model of English pronunciation – ‘Received Pronunciation,’ plus an awareness of the regional diversity in accents”

Course format

This course can be taken as an intensive 4 day course; Tuesday to Friday, 4 hours a day with a break for lunch and 2 short coffee breaks; mid morning and mid afternoon, or it can be taken once a week on Saturdays for 4 hours for 4 consecutive weeks with a break for lunch and 2 short coffee breaks; mid morning and mid afternoon.

CCW is proud to be one of the first training provider’s in Wales to deliver this specially designed course bespoke to foreign professionals working in UK and Europe.

Suitable for

Business professionals, business persons, medical staffs, public sector workers and anyone wishing to improve their English for the purposes of work. This course will be useful for professionals working internationally using English as a foreign language. Here is a unique and engaging NEW course designed to help those with communication needs in English, whether they are an international business person or a medic or public sector worker working in the U.K. who needs to improve their English.

Course Content

This course will cover:

  • Gap analyses – identification of students’ individual needs in English to tailor-make the course to suit them,
  • Oral pronunciation evaluation and tutor’s recommendations for improvement,
  • Role plays – the client/professional dynamic to gain oral confidence and help with fluency and to learn and correctly use the relevant associated terminology and acronyms,
  • Basic phonetics to understand and practise the sounds of the “Received Pronunciation” standard model of English,
  • Telephone role plays to practise oral fluency and clarity in the work situation and the assimilation of the international “police alphabet,”
  • Exposure to idiomatic English and regional accents by listening to audio recordings and seeing video clips,
  • Writing professional letters in the correct lay – out and format,
  • Paraphrasing exercises, and practise of oral fluency by engaging in class discussions,
  • Individual presentations with feedback provided,

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course candidate should be able to:

  1. Communicate more effectively in work situations and by telephone.

Assessment methods: recording of students’ sound samples to check pronunciation and offer feedback, recording of mock telephone conversations with feedback, work role plays with feedback, student class discussions and presentations with feedback.

  1. Write a good formal letter for work purposes.

Assessment methods; written class test.

Assessment criteria: Accuracy, appropriacy of language, vocabulary range, grammar, spelling, style.

  1. Write a good formal letter for work purposes.

Assessment methods; written class test.

Assessment criteria: Accuracy, correctness of language, vocabulary range, grammar, spelling, style.

  1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of spoken English in varying situations and ability to highlight salient points and answer questions on a topic. Show ability to paraphrase.

Assessment methods: Show understanding by answering questions in student work related role plays on different topics.

Assessment criteria: Accuracy, completeness, relevance.

Our tutors

All our tutor are a highly experienced tutor with many years of experience, teaching in this country and abroad in academic institutions, universities, adult education centres and language schools. Their experience in delivering courses to help students to achieve the highest levels of English possible in order to seek work in the UK.

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