Pearson Test of English

Pearson Test of English General

PTE General is the international English language exam for foreign language speakers. Developed by Pearson Language Tests, the exams are recognised by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority.

PTE are designed to test how well a learner can communicate in realistic situations, rather than how well they remember vocabulary and structure or spoken and written English. Tests use real-life scenarios rather than grammatical exercises making it an accurate measure of a learners ability. They test: reading, writing, listening and speaking skill in learners. There are six levels which are mapped to a European Framework that was developed by the Council of Europe to enable greater transparency between language qualifications.

CEFR level PTE General Exam time
C2 Proficient Level 5 2h55
C1 Advanced Level 4 2h30
B2 Upper Intermediate Level 3 2h
B1 Intermediate Level 2 1h35
A2 Elementary Level 1 1h30
A1 Foundation Level A1 1h15

Reading, writing, listening and speaking are tested at all levels of the qualification. Levels 4 and 5 of the PTE General are accepted for entrance to universities in the UK and by a variety of international companies.

Pearson Test of English Academic

The Pearson Test of English Academic is designed to assess the readiness of foreign language speakers to undertake a university-level English language course. PTE Academic is endorsed by the Graduate Management Admission Council.

PTE academic is a computer-based exam which focuses on real-life English used in academic surroundings. Students listen to a variety of accents and academic language which they will encounter at higher education institutions.

The test will be a maximum of 3 hours long and takers can expect their results to be delivered to them, online, within 5 working days.

Pearson Test of English Young Learners

PTE Young Learners is an international English language exams for young children from 7 to 12. Similar to the other PTE exams they test the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

PTE Young Learners exams are based around the amusing adventures and exams and designed to be fun and motivating for young learners. They aim to test how well children can use the language and how well they can use language to complete communicative tasks. Similar to the PTE qualifications, the assessment scenarios are based around real world situations.

There are four PTE Young Learners levels

Level PTE Young Learners Exam time
1 Firstwords 1h
2 Springboard 1h
3 Quickmarch 1h
4 Breakthrough 1h15

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