Intermediate English

Our Intermediate English program is a very practical course that helps to motivate adults to develop their knowledge, skills and speaking fluently in the English language. Experienced instructors use teaching methods and simplified materials to deliver measurable results. We offer regular classes in Intermediate English to ensure effective learning in an enjoyable environment.

Levels available:

Pre-Intermediate level (B1), Intermediate level (B2)

You will improve your English spoken language ability at a speed that you feel comfortable with, while having time to work, study on in an internship.

NB: Please note that each level takes about 8 or more weeks to complete depending on the ability and progress of the student.  

Intermediate English Course Duration – 8 weeks

Learning outcome:  To improve Auditive comprehension

  • Understand statements, messages, notices and detailed instructions on specific and abstract topics.
  • Understand extensive speeches and lectures and even follow complex plot lines.
  • Understand the main ideas of lectures, talks and reports.
  • Understand most radio documentaries and other material recorded or retransmitted in standard language.
  • Understand most television news and programs on current topics.
  • Understand discussions relating to a specific topic and understand the detail ideas highlighted presented.

Learning outcome:  To improve reading comprehension

  • Captures the communicative intention of the text in its context comprehensively.
  • Understands the main points and the most relevant details that make it possible to satisfy more basic needs of comprehension
  • Understand extensive and complex instructions that are within your specialty, including details on conditions and warnings.
  • Quickly identify the content and importance of news.
  • Read correspondence relating to your specialty and easily grasp the essential meaning.
  • Understand articles and reports relating to current issues in which authors adopt specific positions or views.

Learning outcome: To improve written expression

  • Write notes in simple plain English that are transmitted.
  • Write letters in which news and views are expressed effectively, certain emotion is conveyed correctly and the emphasis of personal importance.
  • Able to write report that develop an argument, reasoning for or against a particular point of view, and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of various options.
  • Able to write reviews of movies, books or plays.
  • Able to take notes on aspects that you find important in a clearly structured conference topic.
  • Able to summarise both factual and fictional texts, commenting and analysing points of view and main themes.

Learning outcome: To improve oral expression

  • Able to make public statements on most general issues to a degree of clarity, fluency and spontaneity.
  • In an interview, take the initiative, expand and develop ideas with little help.
  • Participate actively in conversations and formal discussions, debates and work meetings.
  • Participate actively in an informal conversations that occur in everyday situations, making comments; expressing and clearly defending their points of view.