General English

Our General English classes provide a professional and relaxed learning environment where small students groups are helped to develop the four essential skills of language communication: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

You will improve your General English language ability at a speed you feel comfortable with, while having time to enjoy your stay in the UK.

​Levels available 

Beginner (A1), Elementary (A2)

NB: Please note that each level takes about 8 or more weeks to complete depending on the ability and progress of the student. However, if candidate wishes to ‘fast-track’ their learning please let us know.

General English Language Course Duration – 8 weeks

Learning outcome:  To improve auditive comprehension

  • Understand what is said in a simple everyday conversation.
  • Recognise the subject of a conversation.
  • Understand phrases and expressions in daily conversation
  • Understand essential news information on radio or television.

Learning outcome:  To improve reading comprehension

  • Understand short notes and messages related to daily life.
  • Understand brief and simple personal correspondence.
  • Understand instructions and directions used in everyday life (recipes, appliance operation, game rules, street signs and stores).
  • Understand short stories or short stories written in a simple way.

Learning outcome:  To improve written expression 

  • Write notes or simple messages with information, instructions and directions, related to activitiesor situations of daily life.
  • Write simple personal correspondence in which you give thanks, apologize or talk about yourself or your environment.
  • Write simple and brief formal correspondence in which a service is requested or information requested.
  • Describe in simple sentences an event expressing what, when and where it has taken place (a party, an accident and etc.).
  • Give coherence to the text using the most important words and structures of temporal and casual ordering.

Learning outcome: To improve Oral expression

  • Describe your personal situation (e.g. where you live, your family, your background, your work, and your hobbies) in a simple way.
  • Describe in a simple and structured way past activities and personal experiences.
  • Establish social contact (e.g. greet, apologise, and inviting someone).
  • Develop in simple and everyday transactions and operations.
  • Give and receive correct simple information.
  • Participate in conversations where information is exchanged.