English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The ESOL qualification is ideal for learners of non-English languages. It can be used to teach learners how to speak a sufficient level of English to apply for jobs based in the UK, get by in day to day English speaking environment such as Doctors, housing officer, other national community activities.

Course format

You will be expected to attend classes and take part in group sessions. The training will involve working independently or as part of a group on projects and activities. Revolving around English speaking. Learners will undertake an initial assessment prior to any training to see where they are in their development.

Learning objectives

Sample tests for the ESOL test are available here for level 1 and Here for level 2.

Learners can be expected to undertake Speaking, reading and writing activities built around developing functional skills.

The City and Guilds ESOL Qualifications will test your Knowledge and ability to communicate in English. This will give you the skills and ability to work or study in an English speaking Country.

This qualification is aimed at non-native English speakers . The course has been created to help students to improve their English communication skills that are crucial in gaining access into university along with work placements.