What we do

Welcome to Language Academy Wales (LAW), an international language school aimed at foreign students and people staying in the UK who want to improve their language skills. Our training is delivered in tutor lead classes with the emphasis on practical teaching approaches, and in short intensive courses. Our international language school, located in Cardiff, South Wales, is open to people from all cultures and ages. Our training is accessible and affordable to people from all backgrounds.

As well as regular training and tutoring, we also organise a seasonal school where short and long courses are scheduled each season.  These courses are targeted at people who want to improve their spoken and written language skills in minimal time and or a low cost.

The objective of the school is to teach learners to survive and thrive in everyday and professional English speaking situations. Our courses have been specifically designed for people intending a ‘fast-track’ approach to language acquisition but we also offer casual training course for learners with more time. Some of our learners are recent entrants to the UK and need a fast acquisition of language to prepare them for University, 6th form college, or for workplaces. We offer internationally recognised English language qualifications such as IELTS and PTE. Our international language school also offer courses in; French, German, Spanish, Italian and a Chinese.


We believe in cultural integration as a tool for language acquisition.

We believe that Language training does not have to happen in the class room

We believe that immersion within a language and culture speeds us language development

We value the uniqueness and viewpoint of our learners


We offer a broad selection of training programmes for learners from all backgrounds. Generally, these come in the form of Accredited and Unaccredited.

Accredited Courses – Ideal for learners looking to enter Employment or University in the UK. These courses can act as a a stepping stone into job or an academic institution.

Unaccredited Courses- Ideal for people looking to improve upon speaking or writing skills but do not require a specific qualification at the end of their course. These courses can be the development that a learner needs to crystallise their language skills and enable them to integrate to a UK environment.

Our courses focus on immersion and ensure that learners eat, breath and sleep the language they are learning.

To support these immersion courses we offer learners exchanges to and from the UK to other European and international countries. You could stay with a family and experience the culture first hand whilst learning how to speak a foreign language.


All of our tutors are highly experienced and have undergone an intensive interview process. We ensure that all of our tutors are friendly, professional, and have experience in the teaching and training environment prior to delivering any training with us. When selecting tutors to deliver our training programmes we ensure that they are knowledgeable, experienced and have formal teacher training qualification. We collaborate with an expert training provider to ensure that all of our tutors are capable of delivering training and qualifications.


We guarantee all of our learners that they will develop and see progress being made when enrolling on any of our language courses. Learning a new language is not always easy, but with our committed and friendly tutors we can ensure that it is an enjoyable and challenging process.

All our teaching staff are qualified tutors and mentors and have many years of teaching experience. We have developed a practical delivery with effective training techniques for our clients. Our courses are delivered under accrediting bodies and with an emphasis on helping language students to converse, communicate and maximise their chances of gaining access into University and/or to increase their chances of securing a job in the UK. For more information please complete our ‘Contact Us Form’ or ring us on: 029 20 198 710

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