English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

We deliver a inclusive and broad selection of testing systems and teaching styles that aim to develop English language skills for learners of all languages. If English is not your native language but you have some basic knowledge of English then this course may be best suited to you.

There are many reasons to learn English; the most important one, which cannot be denied, is that English is the world language.  No matter what kind of work or study you wish to do or where in the world you wish to go, you are expected to know the English language.  We offer courses dedicated to start learning the English language or improve it; our courses will accommodate your needs appropriate to your level of English, the right environment to learn as well as cultural events.

Course durationOptimized-DSC04596

The course duration will be between 2 and 4 weeks

Who should attend?

People from all walks of life can attend a course, the minimum age being 18

Course objective

By the end of a course you will be able to understand Basic English spoken phrases and statements as well as make yourself understood.  You will be able to understand the gist of a written text of average difficulty as well as write notes.

Course outline – what will be covered

  • Pronunciation, English speaking countriesA very popular location in Cardiff
  • Greetings, everyday statements, politeness issues
  • Basic grammar issues
  • Talk about yourself and ask questions
  • Directions
  • Building vocabulary needed for –
    • Food/shopping situations
    • Cardinal and ordinal numbers
    • Geographical terms
    • Eating out
    • Staying in a hotel/B & B
    • At the bank
    • At the pharmacy/doctor
    • The time – 24 and 12 hour clock
    • Days/months/seasons

Adult students studying together


English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes run at a variety of levels, from Elementary to Proficiency/Fluency. All EFL courses cover grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. This give students the necessary speaking and listening skills to practice and enable them to progress to the next level.


  • Interrogative and discoursive capacity
  • Basic descriptive abilities for people and places
  • Basic Numeracy, Time, quantity, and finances/currency
  • Day-to-day comprehension skills
  • Written instructions and explanations, communication of opinions, and narration and comprehension of stories
  • Specific terminology depending on background and aims for the course.


  • Beginner: Basic English usage and familiarity with common words
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) into 10: Usage of every day phases. A basic understanding of sentence structure and grammar.
  • ESL 10: Basic ability to talk about a familiar topic. Basic reading and writing with a limited range of vocabulary
  • ESL 11: Developing the ability to clearly express ideas in English and undertaking a comprehension of English Test
  • ESL 12: Good command of the English vocabulary and sentence structuring. The learner will possess the ability to communicate fluently without preparation and be able to read complicated articles.

Course format

Homework on a very regular basis can be expected. Learners will be required to revise and consolidate what was covered on the day. Assessments will be carried out on a weekly basis to monitor the student’s progress towards objectives.