Advanced English

In our Advanced English course you will learn how to improve and to develop your English language (spoken) fluently, with accuracy and specific communication skills. These skills will give you confident in your job search or in your chosen career. Experienced instructors use modern teaching methods and simplified materials to deliver measurable results in Advanced English.

Levels available:

 Advanced level (C1), Proficiency level (C2)

NB: Please note that each level takes about 8 or more weeks to complete depending on the ability and progress of the student.

Advanced English Course Duration – 8 weeks

Learning outcome:  To improve auditive comprehension

  • Understand specific information on public statements and announcements that have poor quality and distorted sound; for example in public places such as in a station, a stadium and etc.
  • Understand complex technical information, such as operating instructions, product specifications.
  • Understand complex information and advice on all matters related to your profession.
  • Understand a wide range of recorded and retransmitted material, including some unusual use.
  • Understand films that contain a considerable amount of advance vocabulary.
  • Understand conversations of a certain length in which you participate even if they are not clearly structured.

Learning outcome: To improve reading comprehension

  • Comprehensively understand complex instructions and procedures.
  • Understand any correspondence without help.
  • Understand in detail; articles, reports and other extensive and complex texts in the social, professional or academic field; identify subtle details that include both implicit and explicit attitudes and opinions.
  • Comprehend extensive contemporary literary texts without difficulty and capture the message, ideas or implicit conclusions.

Learning outcome: To improve written expression

  • Use plain English in writing.
  • Write clear, well-structured reports, articles and essays on complex issues highlighting the main ideas, expanding to a certain extent, advocating points of view with complementary ideas.
  • Write fiction texts in a clear, detailed and well-structured way, with a convincing, personal and natural style, appropriate for the readers to whom they are addressed.
  • Take detailed notes during a conference, course or seminar that addresses topics of your specialty.
  • Write personal correspondence, regardless of the medium, in which it is expressed with clarity, detail and precision.

Learning outcome: To improve oral expression

  • Make public statements fluently, almost effortlessly, using some intonation to convey subtle nuances of meaning with precision.
  • Make clear and well-structured presentations on a complex subject, expanding to a certain extent, integrating other themes, developing concrete ideas and defending their points of view with complementary ideas.
  • Participate actively in lively conversations and formal discussions, dealing with abstract, complex and unknown topics, accurately identifying the arguments of different points of view.